What Is Life Coaching for? Why Hire a Coach?


I hear many people ask: “But what is life coaching for?” “Why should I hire a life coach when I can go see my therapist or choose the DIY route?”

According to Dublin City University, a life coach aims “to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals – including excelling at university, becoming happy and fulfilled in life, exploring the self and the world, and achieving ambitions.”

In short, a life coach helps you to live your dream using a wide variety of coaching tools. And this is important. Before you hire a coach, find out what methodologies they use, what processes they will guide you through. Study the programmes on offer in detail before choosing a coach. Book a discovery call which is something many life coaches offer. During such a call, you can determine whether the coach is offering what you need. For the most part, your coach will ask a lot of questions, challenge you, identify your needs, learn about your dreams and goals, and find out what possible obstacles exist to stop you from realising your goals.

Most coaches offer personal breakthrough sessions to initiate a transformation process that will enable you to reach your goals.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

In conversation, your life coach will challenge you to pave the way towards your dreams and goals. They inspire you to take action, choose relevant habits, and they support you in carving out a place where you can grow, succeed, and be happy.

Rather than guiding you down a road of self-analysis, a life coach seeks practical solutions and actionable plans. Unlike a mentor, a life coach helps you to identify areas of your life in need of change and supports you in the process of making those changes.

What Is Life Coaching for? a good life coach helps you discover your passions, talents, and the energy to thrive

What Is Life Coaching for?

If you feel your life could be better, hiring a life coach will, no doubt, help. You may also wish support in reaching a goal. Then again, you may have no idea where to begin, you may just have a feeling that you could benefit from an outside view and need support.

If you would like a chat, you can book a 30-minute discovery call with me now. We will explore how we can work together and help you thrive.

I combine NLP, flow coaching, and integrated energy therapy to support my clients. My goal: to help you heal, rest, and be free to thrive!

A life coach is there to help you find and light your spark!

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