If you’re looking for energy healing in Galway, you’ve come to the right place. Integrated Energy Therapy or IET®, is one of the many energy healing treatments benefiting many people across the globe. During a treatment, the therapist assesses the flow of chi energy through your body. If blockages are present, the therapist gently applies pressure on certain points of the body to release them.

Energy Healing in Galway and Online – How It Works

To understand energy healing, you need to visualise a current of energy, also known as chi energy, running through your entire body. Ideally, this energy flows freely, that’s when you’re at your healthiest. However, the stresses and strains of live – physical, emotional, and mental – may block the energy in certain areas of your body. As a result, you don’t feel 100 percent and may suffer from a variety of health issues or simply feel exhausted or out of sorts.

Like acupuncturists and other energy healing therapists, IET® practitioners work by scanning your energy field, detecting blockages, and working to release them. The treatment takes approximately 1-hour and may need to be repeated several times.

So, what can you expect? Well, you’ll be lying on a massage table, fully clothed. During the treatment, the therapist places her/his hands on your body to identify and release energy blockages. Some clients of mine feel an immediate effect, while others just find the treatment relaxing and comforting. In any case, the treatment helps to optimize the flow of chi energy throughout your body, thus kick-starting a healing process. Distance healing works just as well because the IET® practitioner can scan and treat you by tuning into your energy field.

After a treatment, most people feel more at ease and find that things come to them more easily. Regardless of whether the original issue is physical, emotional, or mental, an optimized flow of chi energy in the body helps to tackle it and strengthen you to work through the issue.

Why Is IET® Different?

Unlike Reiki, Bio Energy, and acupuncture, IET® has angels at its core. This is because the developer of IET®, Stephen Tayer, mapped out the energy field with the help of angels. This makes IET® unique because of its definitive spiritual dimension. Rather than working with a purely physical current or energy, IET® therapists rely on divine energy and guidance.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a believer to benefit from an IET® treatment. Regardless of whether you regularly consult with your angels or ask them for help, the practitioner’s energy work takes effect. For people who love angels, IET® can be very special, while those who have little connection still get the benefits.

A Little Bit About Me

I’ve had the privilege of sensing energies in my own body and in others for many, many years. A few years ago, I decided to put this sensitivity to work and trained as an IET® therapist. To me, what is known as chi energy is the physics behind God’s love for us. During the treatment, I see it as my job to ensure that this divine energy reaches all the parts of who you are, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

By making sure that it does, I see clients growing stronger and better able to cope, even the greatest sceptics among them.

Where Can I Get Energy Healing in Galway?

I work from home in Spiddal, Co. Galway or do house visits if you’re unable to travel. Distance healing sessions are available via Zoom.

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic rate is Euro 50 per session. Travel expenses for home visits only apply if you live at a great distance from Spiddal.

Angel Healing Galway – How to Book

You can send me an email at anita@soulfulness.art or phone me on 085 8663143. The easiest way is to use the online booking form and meet me for an introductory Zoom call.