If you’ve found this page, chances are, you’re looking for change and a way to live a more soulful and happier life. You’re ready to explore what your heart and soul desire and learn how to find a space of calm and love within yourself. I’ve worked with many clients who wanted to slow down and find more meaning away from the everyday stresses and strains. They tell me since embarking on the Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Programme, two things have happened. They are happier and better able to cope when things go wrong. Plus, they feel more fulfilled spiritually, professionally and within their relationships. The Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan incorporates Soulfulness Coaching and Integrated Energy Therapy. Over the course of three months, you will see significant changes and an opening of many doors. Above all, you will experience love and peace.

Is this you…..?

Are you overstretched and stressed out? Do you feel burnt out? Is your quality of life suffering? Have you realised that there is more to life than money and success? Are you stuck and want to break free and find more depth? Do you suffer from stress-related symptoms? Are you exhausted and ready to quit? Are you struggling to slow down? Are you tense and anxious at some point every day? Do you feel that you have more to offer and life has more to offer to you? In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to manage your life, find meaning and deep contentment. Many people get trapped in unhealthy lifestyles and end up feeling miserable, stressed out or dissatisfied.

A Simple Shift in Focus Is All It Takes

You too can live a more soulful life and start prioritizing what matters most. A simple shift of focus together with meaningful daily habits and practices can help you to live a more fulfilling life. What’s more, you can discover inner peace and have it transform yourself, your relationships, and your work and play.

The Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Programme

After working as a qualified Integrated Energy Therapist and coach for many years, I developed the the Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan, combining integrated energy therapy with Soulfulness Coaching. The core transformation you can expect is shifting your focus from your head to your heart. You will reconnect body, mind, heart, and soul and find your unique light and flow as well as a deep connection to others. You will discover your heart’s intelligence and a deep sense of calm and ease. You will be at peace with who you are and blossom being yourself. When you sign up for the Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan, you hire me as your coach and  energy therapist. In close collaboration, I will teach you a wide range of meditation and energy flow techniques. Daily practice will enable you to spark a true and lasting transformation. Within 90 days, you can change the way you experience life and begin to enjoy each day with energy, love, and joy.

Choose a Soulfulness Plan That’s Right for You

When signing up for the 3-months Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan, three different options are available to you. Depending on your level of commitment, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan – Bronze

The Bronze Plan is tailored to people who wish to embark on an extended journey of healing and transformation. You hire me as your flow coach and, through daily contact via email, I will teach you the Soulfulness energy flow and meditation techniques. To see your true light emerging and your focus shifting from your mind to your heart, you need to allow a minimum of three months of daily practice. I will support and guide you along the way, ensuring you’re progressing nicely and mastering the soulfulness techniques. You will journey along the programme, step by step, receiving pointers and specific energy flow and meditation tasks. We will be in contact each day, Monday to Friday. If you so wish, you can schedule a Zoom call or distant energy healing treatment to complement your progress at an extra cost. The Bronze Plan is available at $100/week and includes digital coaching and free supporting resources.

Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan – Silver

Opt for the Silver Plan if you would like your transformation to happen more quickly. As with the Bronze Plan, you hire me as your flow and energy coach and we’ll communicate on a daily basis by email. Every day, I will send you a flow task, while teaching you energy flow techniques throughout the programme. With the Silver plan, you can expect lasting change to take root within 4 to 6 weeks. You’ll progress through 10 different modules, each designed to shift your focus to your heart and facilitate a deep healing process. Through the resources I’ll make available to you, you’ll be able to practice and progress along the programme independently. The Silver Plan includes a weekly Zoom call during which we discuss how you’re progressing to accelerate the speed of your transformation. The Silver Plan is available at $200/week and includes digital communication 5 days per week, supporting resources and tasks, and one weekly Zoom call. Completing the Silver Plan takes a minimum of three months, depending on the level of your time commitment and progress.

Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan – Gold

The Gold Plan is the most comprehensive and Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan. You’ll receive daily tasks, we’ll communicate and assess your progress, and speak via Zoom once a week. On top of that, you’ll receive supporting resources. Finally, if you sign up for the Gold Plan, you’ll receive a weekly distance integrated energy therapy treatment. Combined, all these elements will facilitate a speedy transformation and deeply healing and soothing journey. Within 90 days, you can expect to experience a fundamental change. The Gold Plan is available at $9600 ($800/week).

The 10 Soulfulness Modules

Regardless of what plan you choose, you will journey through the following 10 modules of transformation: During each module, you will learn energy flow and meditation techniques designed to optimize your energy flow and allow for the emergence of your wonderful self. How long it will take you to progress through each module depends on your level of engagement. The minimum amount of time you need to set aside is 3 months.

Soulfulness Healing and Coaching Plans – The Feature Comparison

Upgrades Available

If you opt for the Bronze or Silver Plan, you can still request a Zoom call or IET treatment. Upgrading is also an option. You can also upgrade from Bronze and Silver along your Soulfulness journey.

Who Can Benefit from the Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Programmes?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed and ill-at-ease, struggling with everyday life, can benefit from journeying through the Soulfulness Coaching and Healing Plan. Regardless of your age or occupation, you can experience a change from feeling stressed, anxious, and burnt out to living life at ease and just being yourself. Soulfulness is also for anyone seeking to embark on a spiritual journey and add depth and meaning to their life. Above all, soulfulness is about shifting one’s focus to love and light.

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