Soulfulness Love Flow Project

Mastering the Art of Flow, One Wave at a Time

How to Destress, Stop Overthinking, and Live Life in a State of Perfect, Effortless Fluidity

Using Neuroscience, FlowCode Biohacks & Chi Energy Tools

Flow Like a River, Fly Like a Bird, Love Flow

Embody the Art of Flow
in 8 Weeks

Who Is This Course for?

You want to be more productive but less stressed, find focus and endless energy

You have tried fitness, meditation, and mindfulness, but none of it has transformed your life

You want to live your very best, most fulfilling life, rise above and feel empowered & alive

Learn How to Tap into the Peak Flow Zone at Will

When you are in the zone, you are at your most focused, optimum productivity and yet, everything comes to you easily and effortlessly.

Thanks to scientific research into flow, you can now learn how to trigger flow at will. Plus, you can go on to design flow habits that will allow you to not only live a life of blissful fluidity but also one that is free of stress and pressure. 

When in flow, you are at your best.

You Have Tried Everything……

While mindfulness, meditation, productivity training, and the many other methods work toward releasing stress and optimizing performance, none serve to bring about an overall transformation of the way you do life. 

This Is Your
8-Week Transformation

We Need to Release Pressure and Stress and Harness the Power of Flow

Any workplace nowadays is a place of pressure. The demands on individuals to perform is growing, and yet productivity, enthusiasm, and focus are diminishing.

Neuroscience and flow research have given us a way to release ourselves from the pressure cooker while also equipping us with the tools for optimum performance and focus. 

Through solid flow habits, we can live life more intuitively and effortlesslessly, while accessing the power of subconscious action.

The benefits reach far beyond the workplace, helping to reshape the way we approach life in general. 

A life in flow means better relationships, deeper experiences, and a more meaningful, happy life.

8 Weeks to Hack into the Flow Zone at Will

Core Benefits

You know the science of flow and are able to tap into flow at will.

You are at your most productive, focused, and creative without feeling any pressure or stress.

You've finally got your mindset right and enjoy every part of your life.

You have broken the cycle of pressure and stress and no longer feel like you're about to burn out.

Your Flow Instructor: Anita Alig

Anita is a certified flow coach with the FlowCode Coaching Academy. She is also certified in NLP, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Life Coaching.

In partnership with the FlowCode Coaching Academy, this programme delivers an individually tailored flow experience with the added bonus of group flow sessions.

Decoding the Principles of Flow - The Scientific, Holistic, and Practical Approach

During this 8-week programme you learn about the science of flow and master the art of tapping into flow at will. 

We deliver flow triggers, and teach you how to design your life for optimum flow.

Adopting the right mindset, building solid, daily flow habits and learning how to best use flow triggers to suit your lifestyle lie at the core of this programme.

Be ready to flow in body, mind, and soul.

How Does the Love Flow Course Work?

You can join the course anytime it suits.

After signing up, you will get immediate access to the FlowHub7 where you can start studying a wealth of flow resources.

During your first week, we set up a one-to-one flow assessment that will allow us to tailor your journey through the course to your needs. Your flow instructor will send you daily flow triggers and help you design the best flow habits.

Accountability happens through chat to make sure you get the most out of participating.

You also join the Soulfulness Flow Community to take part in flow group sessions.

We encourage you to keep a flow journal to document your progress. 

Embody the Art of Flow in 8 Weeks and 8 Modules

Week 1
The Science of Flow

What Is Flow and How Do I Enter the Flow Zone?

Discover the science of flow and the latest neuroscientific research and learn how to tap into your own flow cycle.

Start mastering how to enter into your unique flow state employing techniques that combine flow state science, breathwork and kinesiology. 

Master the powerful combination of trigger channels to optimally program your flow state. 

Week 2
The Observer Mindset & Your Style of Flow

In week 2, you will progress through a process of identifying your flow personality.

This assessment helps to establish your current relationship to flow. At the same time, discovering your life’s flow rhythms lays the foundation for building a flow personality.

Once we have established your flow style, we can kickstart your deep transformation. 

Week 3
The Creator Mindset & Your Flow Environment

During week 3 of this course, you work to create a rhythm that allows you to experience as much flow as possible every day. 

This means examining your lifestyle, identifying what works and what holds you back.

You then start creating the lifestyle in alignment with powerful flow cycles. 

Once you have a strong flow foundation, you can build flow triggers into your schedule and begin powering up your everyday flow. 

Week 4
The Growth Mindset & Your Flow Habits

How much fluidity you experience in your daily life depends on your habits. 

While building a flow personality, you need to build solid flow habits.

This means ritualising the use of flow triggers and learning how to tap into the flow zone at will.

Your mindset is crucial here. Seek growth and start creating it.

Week 5
The Playfulness Mindset & Your Flow Rhythm

You have now reached the midpoint of the course. At this point, you know what flow personality you are and how you can best enter the flow zone.

You have also established solid flow habits, and now it is time to get playful.

Playfulness is crucial in building a flow personality. This week, have fun toying with flow triggers and surprising yourself with moments of bliss at peak flow.

Week 6
The Awe Mindset & Your Flow Power

In week 6 of this course, you focus on the Awe Mindset, tracking all your wonderful flow moments.

You celebrate a life in perfect fluidity and triumphs over adversity.

Now that you have strong flow habits, you can go with the power of your flow and really begin to enjoy it.

This is the beginning of effortless flow. 

Week 7
The Transpersonal Mindset & Your Flow United

As you start building an ever growing flow personality, you learn that being in the flow zone also means a dissolution of what separates us from others.

We are wired to collaborate, together, we flow better and when you are at peak flow, you become one with everything and everyone around you.

This is the theme for week 7. 

Week 8
The Gratitude Mindset & You Are In Flow

Congratulations. You have reached the final week of the course. Thank you! We are grateful for your participation.

Take this week in deep appreciation of everyone and everything. Not least of all you, who have done so much to learn, grow, and flow.

Together we also take stock of your progress, reassess your flow and future-pace your life in flow. 

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank You!

When You Sign Up......

You get access to a wealth of flow resources for you to access at your leisure through the Flow Coaching Academy's FlowHub 7

What's Inside FlowHub7 ?

Via the FlowHub7 App, you can access the flow resources on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone wherever and whenever it suits you.

  • The Science of Flow Explained
  • FlowCode Lessons
  • Flow Triggers (video & text)
  • Complete Flow Programmes

Your Love Flow Journey

After joining the course, you receive a message to set up your initial flow assessment.

This is a one-to-one live session during which we find out how to maximise the benefits of this programme for you. 

Throughout the programme, you can get in touch anytime to ask questions or request support.

Daily accountability check-ins via chat are also included in the programme.

Here is a summary of what’s included:

  • 1 x one-to-one Flow Assessment
  • Daily Flow Triggers to Meet Your Needs
  • Accountability Thread via Chat
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 x Weekly 1-hour Live Group Flow Session
  • Personal Art of Flow Journal

Love Flow Course Group Sessions

As you start understanding the science of flow and using triggers to build a flow personality, you discover the importance and power of collaboration.

During your participation in the course, you are invited to join our private flow group live sessions to experience group flow and share your flow experiences.

It is easy to enter the flow zone in a group, and unity is a core principle of flow.

The weekly 1-hour group sessions take place on Zoom.

Bonus Features

Chi Energy & the Art of Flow

We all have life energy running through us continually. It sustains us and allows us to live. 

You learn how to deeply connect with your chi energy and how to blend it with the art of flow in your life.

You find a place of rest where you allow flow to unfold vibrantly, joyfully, and effortlessly.


Your Personal Love Flow Journal

After signing up, you receive a beautiful journal by post.

Every day, you add your flow discoveries, describe your flow experiences, and track your progress.

At the end of the 8-week programme, you will have a beautiful memento of your amazing transformation. 

Love Flow 8-Week Course

The Art of Flow Embodied

was €999

NOW €888

Flow Like a River, Fly Like a Bird, Love Flow

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What people who've worked with me have said......

“I signed up with Anita, because, even though I have a very regular meditation practice, I’m always looking for new adaptations for different situations. Those were my expectations, but what I received was so unspeakably much more. Anita’s way of connecting is unique. What I experienced in these meditations was extremely deep and even felt alienating to me myself at some point, but she put a great perspective to it, and helped me grow to unexpected levels. I now know how to deeply connect with somebody even in the midst of a fight, and to turn it around, I know how to deeply connect with myself, to ground myself and stay grounded, to take care of myself before I take care of others. Anita has helped me to countless insights, and I’m deeply thankful for all the time and energy she invested into this coaching practice. I can absolutely recommend her to anybody who is willing to take a deep dive. 😉 And even learning this meditation itself without going much deeper is amazing!”

Chris, USA

Anita gets five stars from me.

She is a gifted coach, healer, and writer.

Ann, Ireland



Anita is such a great person to deal with and is very helpful even beyond the scope of our brief. I look forward to working with Anita on other tasks in the coming weeks and months. Thanks, Anita


James, UK

Your 1-Week Free Trial

7 Days of Blissful Fluidity

1 Powerful Flow Group Session

For 7 days, you will have free access to hundreds of triggers, videos on the science of flow, and the building blocks of your flow personality.

Join one of our weekly group flow sessions to see how signing up for the Art of Flow course can transform your life. Together, we flow better!

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