Welcome to my website. My name is Anita Alig and I am an Integrated Energy Therapist, NLP, Flow, Meditation, and Life Coach.

Every person I work with discovers fragility, beauty, power, peace, and love. Soulfulness Healing and Coaching is about finding one’s unique essence, slowing down, and it’s about allowing life to unfold at a pace that allows growth and true blossoming in relationships, at work, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Your Soulfulness journey starts here.

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Flow Coaching

Master the Art of Flow and Live Life in Perfect Fluidity

flow coaching

Integrated Energy Therapy

Rest, Heal, Blossom

chi energy healing


NLP, Life Coaching, Habit Coaching

finding ways to live your best life

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Everyone has a masterplan and everyone has all the answers they need if only they allow them to surface and soar.


Life is Short, Make it Sweet, Make it Count


Power Up Your Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

The Power of Flow
Flow Coaching

One-on-One & Groups

Build a Flow Personality

Green Heart
IET Certified
Integrated Energy Therapy

Onsite and online

Unblock, Heal, Thrive

6-Week Personalised Coaching Programme
Life Coaching
NLP, Habit, and Productivity Coaching

Creatively Finding Solutions

Break Free and Thrive

This is me 🙂
Anita Alig


Co. Galway

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