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I am Anita Alig, I am an intergrated energy therapist and meditation coach. Hire me and I will help you to heal your life.

Integrated Energy Therapy

Onsite or remote healing

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Soulfulness Meditation Coaching

Build an enriching daily meditation habit

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Soulfulness Healing Plan

Heal Your Life

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Welcome to Soulfulness

Are you ready to begin? You can book a free explorational Zoom call with me now. Let’s have a chat and see how we can start healing your life.

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Real People, Real Healing

I love working with people and see them heal and blossom.

“I signed up with Anita, because, even though I have a very regular meditation practice, I'm always looking for new adaptations for different situations. Those were my expectations, but what I received was so unspeakably much more. Anita's way of connecting is unique. What I experienced in these meditations was extremely deep and even felt alienating to me myself at some point, but she put a great perspective to it, and helped me grow to unexpected levels. I now know how to deeply connect with somebody even in the midst of a fight, and to turn it around, I know how to deeply connect with myself, to ground myself and stay grounded, to take care of myself before I take care of others. Anita has helped me to countless insights, and I'm deeply thankful for all the time and energy she invested into this coaching practice. I can absolutely recommend her to anybody who is willing to take a deep dive. ;) And even learning this meditation itself without going much deeper is amazing!”

ChrisMeditation & Healing

“Anita is wonderful, patient and diligent. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.”


“Anita helped me to make my progress faster with daily message.”


“Anita has a unique and thoughtful program which helped me to build a sustainable meditation practice. Highly recommended!”


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